Available courses

Scratch Programming 101 (FREE)

This course is  designed for students aged 8 -12 years old. There are a series of tutorials to follow, leading to a good grounding, not only in how to use Scratch, but a number of specific programming concepts as well. You can enroll in this course using the following key: tekzonescratch101

TekZone Leadership Development Program

At TekZone, we believe that Africa will be lifted into the status of a world leader through its dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial youth. This program is designed to help young Africans turn these qualities into tangible results. This is achieved through the following 3 steps:

  • Step 1: set a SMART 2-year goal with measurable impact.
  • Step 2: create a precise development plan with milestones and assign an experienced accountability mentor to help ensure we remain on track.
  • Step 3: execute on the development plan through a variety of activities including courses, assignments, discussions, events, book groups and others. This includes the possibility of a 1-week trip to the USA for further development.

TekZone Mentorship Guide

This course is designed to onboard TekZone mentors onto TekZone mentorship platform as well as expectations. The course covers the following:

  • Overview of the TekZone Academy Platform
  • Mentorship expectations

5 golden rules to building long lasting wealth
  • PayPal

In this course, I will share with you some little known secrets about handling money that changed my financial situation. Just like it did for me, the course will challenge you to make some real changes in how you handle your finances. This is not a quick fix. This course lays out steps that you will need to take over time to guarantee a better financial future for yourself and your family.

Here is what you will accomplish after completing the course:

  1. First, you’ll know how to live within your means and create financial stability for your family. This includes the following four abilities:

    1. You’ll be able to reduce or eliminate any debt you may have 

    2. You’ll know how to create and keep a budget so the money you earn go towards what you need

    3. You’ll be able to sustain savings habits that give you and your family financial security

  2. Second you’ll know how to make your money work for you. This is important because money loses value over time. Therefore, you have to invest just to keep up. But if you must invest, why not invest in a way that you can make your money grow? We will show you how. 

  3. Lastly, you will know how to plan for your future and your family’s future. We will show you how to create a sustained stream of income for your kids and their kids.

TekZone Robotics: Introduction to Robotics

A la fin de ce cours, vous aurez:

  • Construit votre propre robot. un simple rover ou un petit drone qui peut suivre les instructions
  • Acquis les connaissances nécessaires pour comprendre les principes de base de fonctionnement des robots, y compris les robots industriels tels que les bras robotiques.
  • Utilisé et à appliqué les éléments suivants:
    • Capteurs (température, proximité, …)
    • Actionneurs (moteurs, LED, haut-parleurs, …)
    • Unités de traitement et de contrôle (Beaglebone Black avec LabVIEW)
  • Mise en œuvre d’algorithmes discrets de contrôle PID
  • Testé pour la certification LabVIEW Certified Associate Developer (CLAD) valeur de 100 $).
  • Construit une connaissance pratique de la conception assistée par ordinateur (CAO) et créé un modèle 3D d’un robot
  • Construit une connaissance pratique de la conception et de la soudure des circuits, y compris la construction de votre propre circuit.
  • Participé dans le défi de Robotics de TekZone